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Gabriel Garcia Marquez / Colombia / naive realism / single hundred years of loneliness / Love in the succession of Cholera\nEssay vogue out:\n\nThe description and analysis of Gabriel Garcia Marquezs globeners.\n\nEssay Questions:\n\nWhy is Gabriel Garcia Marquez considered to be assumption of Colombia? How did Gabriel Garcia Marquez participate in the vex for independence? Who is considered the or so important serviceman in the writers life? Who had the peachyest enamor on Gabriel Garcia Marquez as a forthcoming writer?\n\nThesis rehearsal:\n\nGabriel Garcia Marquez is kn testify all e very(prenominal)where the valet de chambre as a writer, but it addition to organism a novelist and short tarradiddle writer he is excessively a journalist.\n\n \nGabriel Garcia Marquez biography\n\n \n\nI feel that all my penning has been virtually the experiences of the eon I spent with my grandp atomic number 18nts...\n\nGabriel Garcia Marquez\n\nIntroduction: The man, that s hadower be called without whatsoever doubts: The Pride of Colombia, was born on adjoin 6, 1928 in Aracataca, a township situated in the northerly part of Colombia. His name is Gabriel Garcia Marquez.This man is known all all al personal mannersywhere the world as a writer, but it addition to be a novelist and short myth writer he is overly a journalist. A modest boy, that was by brought up by his maternal grandp arents Colonel Ricardo Marquez and Tranquilina Cotes due to the pauperism of his parents turned out to be one of the brightest minds Colombia has ever manoeuvered to the world and a Nobel laureate. His grandad Colonel Ricardo Marquez was a person who deeply influenced the childly wit of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. His grandfather godly him for some of his whole kit and caboodle, for he was a man of a great past and a serve up of experience, a man that respect Simon Bolivar, a hero of the fight for independence. Grandfathers hold and all the stories that he tol d Miguel were of a great impact on his prox writings. It was the jump Garcias step towards his love to realism.\n\nAs his grandfather and he lived in Aracataca, known as the banana zone this roam and everything that took place in it, from the stories of his grandfather also influenced his works by and by on. This man is the principal(prenominal) account of Garcias life, for he non only taught him to speak. Garcias grannie had a lesser influence on her grandson, but she was a very interesting charwoman with an outstanding and original exponent to tell false superstitious stories, as if she had seen in with her very own eyes. This taught the young future novelist a lot. At the years of 8 he his grandfather dies and he return to his parents, hook ons red ink to a boarding school. He enjoyed reading and loved to issue. later(prenominal) on he went to study law and journalism, but at the University he did not instal any interest in what he was studying. Nevertheless, he m ove reading a lot, just about anything he could involve. He produced his first story in 1946, it was The threesome Resignation. Later, when he study in Cartagena he worked in a newspaper El Universal so he started working as a journalist. He worked all over the Latin America. Got married to Mercedes Pardo in 1958 after being act since she was a child. It took his quiet a time before he found his own way of writing and it all started with iodin hundred years of retirement(1967) and it was the success Gabriel Garcia Marquez was waiting for his unharmed life. He also showed himself as a political activist, his main goal was to exchange something well-nigh him, to make the world amend for the people for he was so tired of all the Colombias fights. He wanted to run by abuses brought by the political unnameable affect on people. He had years of chases and coming acantha. In 1986 Love in the Time of Cholera was published, base on the life of his own parents. He was a man wit h a brightest personality ever and not only a magnificent writer. Nowadays he has lymphatic cancer and he spends a lot of time in different clinics.\n\n cultivation: Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a man that did not just retell earthly concern, he drew worldly concern and nothing but truth in his magnificent, perfect in the writings sense Spanish language. In a way that cannot be compared to anything, in a way that only a boy brought up by this wonderful grandparent of his could write. He showed Colombias truth. He showed everything barely in the way it was without adding anything spare. His works are nude in a sense that they are see-through; they do not depict reality for they are reality. His works reflect the political situation of his country. The constant all-fired fights for power, deaths and the hopeless people. His works show what was hidden, but not disregarded by thousand of people, for face Banana Strike abattoir of 1928 (in One hundred years of Solitude). He showed force firing people without any guns and people who tried to change the smallest thing they could. Living through the Violence in Colombia when towns were burned-over and women and children murdered made his decipher life just in the way it was, being sometimes too natural and regular shocking. He was the man that gave the start to a new literature trend the Magic Realism. A man who only wrote about what he observed.If you want to get a full essay, come in it on our website:

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