Making Choices in Hamlet

Choices. humankind have always been presented with choices. Whether they be choices hotshot must contrive within themselves that will assume only themselves, or choices that persist in beyond the sphere of one person and into the lives of others. No consequence what both slopes maintain an unquenchable pull on the individualistic caught in the middle. This holds true in the life of King Claudius. A man who rose to the attitude of power by cleanup spot his own flesh and blood. Forcing him to hire between what was aright on for himself and what was right for the rest of the court. In William Shakespeares small town, the choices that one makes affect the lives untold or less those who surround that individual.\nIn Claudius, his pare was within himself but what he chose adversely affected the large number of his court. One side of him told him to oink to Hamlet his sins and the other side told him not to do so be in fall apartect he would lose everything he worked ha rd for. His wife and his power. moreover as Hamlet got close set(predicate) and closer to the truth, Claudius became more and more uncomfortable within himself. He says, O, my discourtesy is rank, it smells to heaven. Pray potty I not though inclination be as sharp as will, My stronger sin trip defeats my stronger intent. Claudius at first was mangled after the play Hamlet presented but as he continued in his monologue, his guilt outweighed his intent to do the right thing. Telling the truth would cause him to lose everything. Everything that he has gained meant much more to him than the forgiveness of Hamlet. Claudius says to himself, My crown, tap own ambition and my queen. whitethorn one be set freed and retain the offence? By saying this Claudius has make a choice he is not going to tell Hamlet the truth. The King has everything that he has ever wanted and does not see a causal agency to lose it all. Claudius conflict presents Shakespeares work in a different light. Fr om the Kings point of view, it shows the work as a warning. Selfishn...

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