Hand-Washed and Pre-Bagged Lettuce

Introduction\nThe grandness of this sphere was to know what lettuce is in force(p) to consume; hand process or pre-bagged lettuce. This study was germane(predicate) in todays society because people wash up lettuce daily. Studying what of the ii contains to a greater extent bacteria is good culture to know before consuming it. The overall problem of this study was what lettuce has more bacterial appendage; hand washed or pre-bagged. This study would show how a lot bacteria lets over a period of time on the two different lettuces. subsequently the data was collected I could then calculate how oft bacteria grows in the building block head or conduct of lettuce with the average. Ones possible action for this project is believed that the pre-bagged lettuce will fuddle fewer bacteria. This is believed because it is sold reach to use and has to pass definite government inspections. With this said; it has to be the cleanest and best prep bed to eat.\n\n understate Research \nAlthough there are various types of bacteria capable of growing on lettuce; Escherichia Coli is listed as the most common bacterial outbreak on lettuce. Escherichia Coli is transmissible on vegetables from the manure for fertilization. redden though it is mostly harmless, plastered strains can be distasteful and even fatal for youthful and elderly. Consuming Escherichia Coli can be prevented by carefully slipstream produce such as lettuce. Bagged lettuce is advertised as form to Eat because of the processed use to clean the lettuce. The process is called a chlorine wash. The lettuce is washed in a mixture of chlorine and water that is concentrated two hundred times stronger than conventionalism water. This is d unmatched because chlorine is one of the most highly impressive bacterial killing substances. unconstipated though pre-bagged lettuce is advertised as Ready to Eat this should non be trusted delinquent to certain studies. It is easier for bacteria to grow in t he bagged environment because of the close and moisturized space it is in. It is proven that if skillful on...

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