Challenging Authority - Romeo and Juliet

e very(prenominal)place the course of time, frys argufy part, qualification their stimulate decisions. bush league generally, go against their guardians rules, resulting in small and/or big problems. Disobeying whatsoever sort of authority such as, parents/guardians, the police, a religious pastor or even a teacher has its drear outcomes. some(prenominal) individuals, mostly peasants, debate on whether going against the grain is deserving it. Going against the grain has its high chances to having a negative outcome. Therefore, I believe that challenging authority is non worth it. Is a teenagers head teacher set suppurate enough to make its own decisions and break the rules? Teenagers are today leaving a breaker point where decisions were made for them, by their parents, and paltry into a stage where making their own decisions evict pertain them tremendously. For example, in the Romeo and Juliet no business organization version (act 2, scene 5) Tybalt (a Capul et) feels very angry towards the fact that Romeo (a Montague) has the gist to show up at the Capulet party. Tybalt automatically wants to harm Romeo, however Capulet stops him because he feels it would pay a negative outcome. Capulet knows that if a fight was to occur at that party is would look bad on the whole Capulet family. Tybalt was in a state of estimate where he wasnt thinking properly, if Capulet would non have stopped him booby hatch would have took place.\nIn what situations backside a minor go against authority? Parents almost neer understand a minors mind or why they do the things they do. Parents often make decisions that the minor may dislike, so the minor feels it is necessary to disobey that order. For instance, in the story of Romeo and Juliet (act 3, scene 5) doll Capulet and Capulet try to get Juliet to draw Paris, however Juliet had no heat for Paris so she disobeyed her parents. Juliet couldnt suck up herself marrying a person she did not love. Pare nts, sometimes take the model doing whats best for you  to the point where it can affects the minor negative...

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