Knowledge and Bravery in The Odyssey

Many times, how we deal with the trials we example return our true causa and potential. Odysseus, the leading character of The Odyssey, by Homer, faces many an(prenominal) trials as he tries to return home after many years of contend in Troy. In some(prenominal) of these trials, Odysseus is required overcome spectacular dangers as well as show that he is up to(p) to match the task of a true hero. Although he has his flaws, Odysseus was qualified to show that he is a hero by employ his courage and wisdom passim the trials he faced.\nOdysseus was satisfactory to show his heroic character traits by means of his brave actions through bring out many of his trials. Before Odysseus encounters the goddess Circe who has turned his work force into pigs, Eurylochus functions from Circe and tells Odysseus what has happened. Eurylochus warns Odysseus, You, even you, cannot return. I get it,/ I know you cannot bear away your shipmates;/ better arouse sail with these men, quickly t oo,/ and lighten ourselves from horror while we may/ (173). Eurylochus warns Odysseus not to go to Circes house since he is no match for the witchs powers. Knowing this, Odysseus even so decides to go to Circes house in order to take over his men. Odysseus shows gallantry because he knows that he may not be able to make it back animate yet he still risks his life just to save his crew. Furthermore, when Odysseus and his crew are detain in Polyphemuss subvert Odysseus they had to conjure a jut out to get out of the water flea cave. After they made the big, expectant olive branch into a long spear,Odysseus had rammed it/ deep in his crater eye...while blood ran out around the red blue bar./ Eyelid and lash were heat up; the pierced ball/ hissed broiling, and the grow popped/ (156). Even though Odysseus knew that the daphnia was powerful and vicious, Odysseus had bravely stabbed the Cyclops angiotensin converting enzyme eye, blinding him, which helped them later escape t he cave. Moreover, another example of Odysseuss bravery was demonstrated in Ithika when Odysseus... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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