Corruption of Society in Fitzgerald\'s The Great Gatsby

In this paper, I for direct prove that the original The gigantic Gatsby establishs the American woolgather as a corrupt lissomking. My validation go away be ground upon the apposition of Jay Gatsbys and Myrtle Wilsons deaths, the wealth of Jay Gatsby and his desire for Daisy, and the immoral actions of the characters in this novel. When writing The striking Gatsby, Fitzgerald do a point to echo his feeling that the American dreaming could not be reached because it is an infirm and corrupt idea. He utilize his characters to do so. Fitzgeralds characters are shared into three groups, each of which shows a different perspective of Fitzgeralds theme. The flush are portrayed in two groups: the East Eggers and the western United States Eggers. The East Eggers are doddery bills and look big bucks upon the air jacket Eggers because they are parvenue money. This relationship demonstrates the corruption of the American dreaming finished the contrast by the East Egge rs and through the crooked ways that the West Eggers have found to pretend rich. The poor in the novel, be by George and Myrtle Wilson, show the longing for wealth and their ambidextrous chase of that dream. Because this novel is scripted mostly around the sloshed of New York, the flaws of the American Dream are easy to recognize.\n\nFitzgerald shows the idea that the American Dream is damage through the juxtaposed deaths of Jay and Myrtle. The juxtaposition of Jay and Myrtles deaths is realized through flavor at their history. In The Great Gatsby, Jay is a man who comes from no money. In his early twenties, when he meets Daisy who is of an aristocratic family, Jay decides that he will do anything he must to make enough money to marry Daisy. When the action of this novel begins, Jay has already worked his way up to a wealthy life style and is in the process of getting Daisy to fall in applaud with him again. Immediately in the runner chapter, we see that Jay is living the American Dream when Nick describes his antechamber as a commodious affair¦spanking bare-assed under a thin beard of raw ivy, and a marble swimming puss and more than forty soil of lawn and garden. Although Jay is living the American Dream in all of his wealth, he is unhappy without the love of Daisy. At the opposite cliche, Myrtle Wilson is very poor. Myrtle lives...If you want to get a full essay, instal it on our website:

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