Euthanasia: The Right for the Right to Die



     Euthanasia has a long and complicated history. Throughout time mercy killings legality and morality has been questioned. The term, Euthanasia comes from the Greek words eu meaning God, and thanatos meaning d sweep awayh.(Sandhyarani) and is usually associated with assist felo-de-se or mercy killing. Euthanasia has been around for for a while and has been used rather commonly.

The Romans and Greeks believed that, there is no need to preserve the life of a person who has no interest in living. (Sandhyarani). Hippocrates, who opposed the Roman and Greek whimsy of Euthanasia, has a famous quote stating, I will surpass no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor raise any such counsel. Keep in headway that this was around four hundred B.C. so the laws and government wasnt quite an as sophisticated as it is now, much like the western sandwich frontier of the United States in the late 19th century. In 400 B.C. medicinal practices would seem like torture today, the people that underwent euthanasia back then no doubt suffered a enceinte amount. Many people were given poison to ingest, which would essentially eat and dissolve their organs.

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0pt;line-height:200%;font-family:"Courier New"; color:black>During the 1300s England considered suicide and any assistance of anothers suicide a crime and was punishable. The beginning(a) actual law passed to criminalize euthanasia was in 1828, in New York. Many phantasmal groups and other organizations were pleased with the passing of this law because they had been trying for several(prenominal) time to stop euthanasia which they believe to be on the same level with murder. Now there are both main types of euthanasia, voluntary and non-voluntary, its kind of self-explanatory tho voluntary involves having the persons consent and non-voluntary involves killing the person without consent. Now the first time non-voluntary euthanasia was officially used was in the 1930s when the Nazis were trying to create the perfect move. They exterminated hundreds of thousands of Germans along with the millions of Jews. By the turn of...

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