Prompt: “Fantasy Books, Movies And Tv Shows, Like

Even though fantasy stories help the teenagers in bonnie emotionally stronger and increasing their will power, nevertheless fiction do damage the brain of teenagers beca utilization they be attracted towards the use of magic, especially tenebrific magic, and develop an aggressive and violent behavior towards other people.
The overuse of magic in plays an important role in disconfirming the minds of teenagers. The use of charms and spells is highly encouraged, even for doing simple routine tasks comparable dish washing, cleaning, etc. Teenagers, tempted by the mere swish of the billy that can do an enormous amount of work, fantasize astir(predicate) using magic in their own everyday life. They mislay faith in the fact that these tasks can be performed manually also and hence lack self-confidence. Meanwhile, as the child is uneffective to carry out the idea of using magic in real life, he is depressed and constant failures mean that last he will become a pessimist. His approach towards the arena changes and he starts seeing it as a prison because he is so much immersed in the fantasy world that he wrongly assumes that world to be the real one, where there are no restrictions and everything is possible.

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In fictions, as there is no sack up cut distinction between white and black magic, the teenagers are more vulnerable to moving away from their religious beliefs and plan of attack closer to satanic religion. Both sides primarily use alike weapons and instruments which originate from a common source and in both(prenominal) cases, even the good side is shown as using minacious arts. For example, in Harry muck about and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter himself used poly juice potion: a dark-arts potion that gives him the physical appearance of the someone whose hair is used in preparing the potion. Similarly, both sides make use of wands which contains either unicorn blood or phoenix feather. All this makes it genuinely difficult for a teenager to define what is good and what is bad. Now, as most of the magic mentioned in fantasies...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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