The Fall of Rome - Mauricio Montes

After Rome had fallen and the Roman government had collapsed in 476 CE, sanatorium and instability had broken out in westbound Europe. Luckily, after the Roman government had collapsed, feudalism, the political, economic, and social trunk ground on land and loyalty which created peace out of chaos and was able to decrease the amount of chaos in western Europe and brought stability within Western Europe. During the Middle Ages, feudalism was the law of the land and a great deal of the universe of discourse followed the feudal structure. Following 476 CE, people left(a) their homes in the cities to have intercourse on manor houses where they would work and provide services for the lord in return for shelter and apology.
The event which led up to feudalism being born is the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 CE. After the Roman government had collapsed Western Europe was left without a government. This was a major problem for crime place had drastically increased, and cities had become too perilous to live in and were therefore abandoned due to the chaos which occurred within the uncontrolled city. People needed to find shelter and protection speedily and the feudal system was their answer. People found shelter and protection in rural manors which became their own self-sufficient realms.

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The populations of cities decreased period the population of manors increased. This increase of the manors population allowed for feudalism to be born.
During the clipping of feudalism, peasants and serfs would work on their lords land and would provide services for him. each manor was self-sufficient and made and/or farmed their own materials in company to function. Each peasant and serf would work in order for the manor to function. The basic social structure of European feudalism consisted of a king (one king per region), nobles, vassals, lords (land owners), knights (warrior class who adduce protection in exchange for life on the manor and live by the code of chivalry), serfs, and peasants. In this social system there was limited...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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