This report is required to choose a business operating in the tourism sector and describe how the business segments its market and how this segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy.

Dreamers? Paradise-never-never landSo M each Worlds In OneWord Count: 2876Table of ContentsExecutive Summaryiii1 Introduction11.1 Purpose11.2 Scope11.3 Methodology11.4 Limitations11.5 Assumptions12 Background23 Identification of Market divider13.1 surmise of Market Segmentation13.2 The Importance of Segmentation14 Analysing Market Segmentation Using Segmentation Variables14.1 Recognition of Appropriate Variables14.2 Application of Market Segmenting Using diametrical Variables14.2.1 Geographical Segmentation14.2.2 Demographic Segmentation14.2.2.1 Segmentation by Age24.2.2.2 Segmentation by Family Life Cycle24.2.3 Psychographic Segmentation24.2.3.1 Segmentation by Attitudes and Opinions34.2.3.2 Segmentation by Lifestyles34.2.4 behaviorist Segmentation34.2.4.1 Segmentation by Purchase Occasions and Brand Loyalty44.3 An general Notion55 Clarification of Marketing Strategies55.1 The Marketing Mix Approach55.2 Product55.2 Price65.3 Place75.4 Promotion88 Recommendations89 Conclusion910 Appendix10Appendix A: The inlet Fees for Dreamworld, Movie World and Sea World10Appendix B: The Cover rascal of The Wiggles Magazine1211 References13Executive SummaryThis report is designed to introduce an understanding of market sectionalisation and merchandising strategy integrated with the exiting business - Dreamworld. It clarifies how Dreamworld ? the largest beginning park in Australia segments its market, and how the segmentation is reflected in its marketing strategy.

Firstly, the report indicates the background of Dreamworld market. It describes how Dreamworld segments its market and identifies the marketing strategies utilise by Dreamworld in its marketing segment.

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To pursue success, the address of segmentation variables and marketing mix applied by Dreamworld with exemplifications are emphasised. Moreover, the report draws an expectation of Dreamworld. Ultimately, it concludes the main points refer to any underlying viewpoints.

Based on the information in the report, readers may perceive the main market segments of Dreamworld and some marketing strategies applied in the process of its segmenting. Readers house find just information from this report according to their respective needs, so that they can pursue their further studies appropriately with sufficient preparation and lift their understanding of the concept of this topic.

1 Introduction1.1 PurposeThe report aims to analyse how the ancestor park ?...

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