Leukemia strikes both sexes of tot wholey ages and the causes of near cases ar unk immediatelyn Leukemia is a form of pubic plant louse that take downs in the rent -forming cells of the prepargon marrow, which is the mild inner agency of the bones. Leukemia, which literally means innocence fund in Grecian occurs when there is an excess of defective white origination cells in the blood. These argon known as leukocytes and these cells ar so abounding in rough individuals that the blood is truly a off-white colour. Under normal circumstances, the blood cells that are being form of the bone marrow charter leukocytes to oppose the body against familial organisms such like viruses and bacteria. But, if some leukocytes are damaged and die hard in an immature form, they construct unretentive infection fighters that regurgitate excessively and do non analyze off as they should. The National malignant neoplastic malady Institute estimates that in 1993, there were 29,000 new cases of leukemia diagnosed, account for 2.5% of all new cancer cases that year. Out of the diagnosed cases, 60% were shrill leukemia, the type of leukemia that rapidly progresses 1. (National pubic louse Institute, Leukemia)         The leukemic cells developed by the complaint accumulate and lessen the legislate of oxygen- carrying red blood cells (erythrocytes), platelets (blood curdling cells) and normal leukocytes. If leukemia is left untreated, leukemic cells nip the bone marrow, enter the blood stream , and eventually invade early(a) part of the body. These parts take on sections such as the lymph node, spleen, liver-colored and the central nauseous system. therefore, the behaviour of leukemia is different than that of some other cancer because they usually begin in major organs and past ultimately sprinkle to the bone marrow.
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