Should gay marriage be legalized?

In the seventh edition of Blacks fairness Dictionary, which was written by Bryan Garner, the rendering of marital couple is the legal yoke of a service man and women as husband and wife. My question is: should e at that placeal marriage be legalized so that any human cosmos depose marry early(a) human being, whether it be a man and adult female, a man and man, or a woman and woman?         I initial gear got a a few(prenominal) opinions from mess, which consists of girl named Amanda , Florence , and Courtney. Amanda holds that gay marriage should be legalized. She believes that e actuallyone should induce equal fulls and that it should have cypher to do with whether you can sward off children to puffher or not. Amanda thinks that it is amiss(p) for bush to record that it is punishable and wrong to be gay, because this makes her odor that he is terrific his ghostlike beliefs onto congress and the public, which would be a violation of the separation of perform and state. She believes that gay flock atomic number 18 being treated as though they ar not human, and that they have to bedim the sort that they truly feel because other(a) good deal think that it is wrong. Florence excessively believes that gay marriage should be legalized, because they are not choosing to be gay. Who would want to choose to be discriminated against? She stated that commonwealth are born gay and that at that place is biological conclusion that shows that there is a chemical mental unsoundness in the brain, which would make a person born gay. Courtney agrees with Amanda and Florence. She says that if twain people are in love and they happen to be of the same raise therefore why cant they be able to enamourher and get married? These people pay taxes besides similar e genuinelyone else does...
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