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Vincent Mazzaro The Berlin Airlift was plus for the United States as the United States were give way to overcome the blockade of roads in West Berlin with the thing of transporting supplies and materials by air. This showed that the U.S. could overcome the plans used by the Soviet unification to import goods. Tito in Yugoslavia was advantageous to the United States as it was a country that was repelling and not submitting to Soviet Rule, meanwhile the Soviet articulation was unable to capture an eastern European state. The Truman school of thought was effective towards both the United States and the Soviet Union as it established a line between the two nations that the U.S. would carry on interfere if the Soviets attempted capture more territory than they were supposed(p) to. The marshall Plan was helpful for the United States as it showed planet nations the advantages to world part of a democratic system. The Soviet impact was advantageous to the Soviet Uni on as they were able to limit graduate a rebellion, which could have spilled over in to other orbiter nations. The Berlin Wall was also advantageous to both nations as the Soviet Union was able to keep the people in its regime while the United States showed people a rude(a) outlook on a democratic environment.
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The Prague Spring which Czechoslovakia was to use up on was important for the Soviet Union as it was once more able to put down a revolution for reforms against the demand communism employed. The Korean War was beneficial to both countries and no ground was obtained in eithers attempt to wrestle out either communism or democracy. The Tet offensive was beneficial to t he soviets as North Vietnamese showed that t! hey could fight against the U.S. in break handle and conventional warfare which was the beginning of the end for the U.S. in Vietnam. The bomb of the Ho Chi Minh Trail was helpful for the Soviet Union as the bombing destabilized the neighboring Cambodia. The overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos was a conquest for the U.S. as it lead...If you want to get a in force(p) essay, rules of order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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