Who Do You Think Is The Voice Of Your Generation, And What Message Does He Or She Espress? Do You Agree With The Message? Why Or Why Not?

Voice of my Generation There is a shortage of render models in our nation today . Millions of children argon growing up without a father figure in the house and those children sort of grow up emulating rock and rap stars as well up as athletes , many of whom , upon a careful examination of their in person life and moral values , would not be cut back to influence anyone s life . I analogous many types of medical examination specialty and am active in sports but the go of athletes that I admire are few and far surrounded by , let alone , nominating br any as a spokesperson of our generation . Sports figures can be very powerful raft but as long as players toss teams for the highest bidder and in that location is a prevailing me-first attitude that virginal sports today I would like to avoid nominating any as a express of my generation . People of my generation are not demanding , as they should , a representative as did my parents and grandparents when they looked up to such(prenominal) plurality as Billy Graham , Martin Luther King and tush LennonIf I had to choose a voice of my generation , along with my unvoiced desire to avoid picking anyone from pop gardening , I would have to say that the closest person to tot to such requirements would have to be Illinois senator and presidential hopeful breathe in Obama . I would not say that I agree with his policy-making stances on some issues but he is becoming powerful in sparking the interest of people my age with regard to government and the romp that goes beyond one s own school .
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