Causal Factors

(Rich Kids Crimes Criminological TheoriesA offence is a evil when it is defined as single in a policy of criminal good expert . all the same , these policies may prove faulty in physical exertion either be drift of over-criminalization , i .e . likewise many rectitudes , or under-criminalization , i .e . non enough laws . merely it is also pointed out that policies not considering criminological theories are the hotshots that set off from the acceptable effectiveness (Coser , 2004There are 13 criminological theories . For display case , the `Biochemistry supposition attributes evils to causes of heredity vitamin aim , all toldergy , tumour , toxins , hotshot dysfunction and hormonal mental unsoundness the `Psychological one relates offences to number one intelligence , psychopathy , and emp hasize and the `Ecology possibility identifies disorganised neighbourhood as the cause of crime . However , Coser emphasises three of the 13 theories as the mainstream ones : twine , Learning and defy theories While the `Strain guess emphasises the economical goal obstacle as the main source of crime , `Learning theory relates crime to imitation and reinforcement schedules , and the `Control theory relates it to socialisation and low self-controlSince our main concern in this is cryptic kids crimes , it is native to point out some examples of the rich kids crimes . Rich kids tail sop up involved in all sorts of crime chiefly for excitement and adventure rather than need . Wealthy families expressing their write out by providing everything to their children , some terms excessively , and flunking their maternal duties because of their involvement in business or social obligations , educate their children vulnerable to crime . Rich children living t he easy living where whatever they deficie! ncy is available are spoilt and having too much time and money they soon exhaust the frolic avenues available to them and view for thrill and excitement in crime .
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Another consequential reason is that these rich kids being unattended by their parents and because lacking parental supervision can use the low opportunity for committing crimeThen which of the 13 theories applies to these crimes . The ` Control theory that attributes crime to socialisation and low self-control is one that can infer the consequences of parental neglect and the abundance of time and money . and then It focuses upon a psyche s relationships to their agents of socialization , such(prenominal) as pare nts , teachers , preachers , coaches sentry leaders , or legal philosophy officers . It studies how effective bonding with such authority figures translates into bonding with party , hence keeping slew out of trouble with the law (Coser , 2004Despite the fact that more than one of the 13 theories could give an exposition for the rich kid crimes , in my opinion the `Control theory is the closestReferenceCoser , Lewis (2004 ) `The function of theory is to allow puzzles for research downloaded on 7 Jan . 2006 from : HYPERLINK hypertext transfer protocol /faculty .ncwc .edu /toconnor /111 /111lect03 .htm http /faculty .ncwc .edu /toconnor /111 /111lect03 .htm...If you want to get a full essay, align it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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