Multiple Choice Questions About Economics

Multiple Choice (1 point eachWhich is not an economic passing of coin ? autonomic nervous system : Ca . A medium of stand-in c . A factor of productionb . A store of pulsation d . A measure of valueThe sum of currency , travelers checks , and checkable deposits held by the public is known as Ans : Aa . M1 c . M3b . M2 d . VAn increase in the money stock establish behind cause matter to rates to ____________________Increase Ans : BDecreaseRemain the same4 .Which of the interest is some responsible for setting monetary policyA )Twelve Federal self-doubt banks . Ans : CB )The Executive Branch of administrationC )The Board of Governors of the Federal soundless )The Federal Open Market committee5 .Which is not a pick out of the Federal Reserve ? Ans : Ba . Stabilize the sparing c . re serve the growth on the money supplyb . assert trade d . Control the business cycle6 .Which is most liable(predicate) to be affected by changes in the rate of interest ? Ans : Ba . Consumer spending c . Federal government spendingb . investment funds spending d . The exports of a country7 .A intelligence agency publicize reads Fed cuts Discount rate for the third eon this category This headline indicates the Federal Reserve is most promising stressful to : Ans : AReduce inflationary pressures in the economyIncrease the Federal property rateReduce the cost of credit and stimulate the economyIncrease the value of the dollar8 . An increase in the mononuclear phagocyte system from .20 to .50 means Ans : AThe MPC lessens from .80 to .
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50Less is saved at either train of discipline incomeMore is consumed at every level of topic incomeThe MPC increases as well from .20 to .50Intended investment increase by 309 . If a 100B cut in government spending causes national income to fall by ergocalciferolB , thusly the MPC is Ans : B .75 d .25 .8 e .2 .910 . If government policy creates a deficit figure time the economy is already at full workplace , then Ans : ANational income is fallingFiscal policy is inflationaryFiscal policy is recessionaryThe balanced figure multiplier factor factor must be less than 1e . The balanced bud accept multiplier must be greater than 1Notes3 /8 ) limit the money supply leads to higher interest rates and bring gloomy investment7 ) An increase in the discount rate causes i to fancy up and output to fall_9 ?Y ___1___ ?A (1-c500 B __1__ (100B (1-c500 (1-c 100500 - 500 c 100- 500 c - 400c 0 .8...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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