Canada's Economic Condition in the 1930's

The 1920s was the boom of the Canadian economy. Everything was going well, the war was over. Women were fighting for their rights, and accredited them, and were often considered better for certain jobs. Farming was also at an all time high, selling most produce for a good profit, and being able to live well. This was also a time to own and pay later. galore(postnominal) bought luxuries, cars and new equipment. Many also had radios and enjoyed the shows. This was also a time to profit from the expect market, but it will not always be...

        On Tuesday, October 29th, 1929 the demarcation market crashed. Like Canada, other countries around the world entered the enceinte Depression. When the crash ended, share holders stocks were worth a fourth of their send-off value, and other who bought the stock on margin were left in debt. There was growing anger against the government since they were not doing anything to armed service the throng solve this problem. That is what started the social safety net that is unperturbed here today. Provincial and federal government did not inadequacy to take responsibility for the great depression, mainly because they did not acknowledge how to stop it. New parties were being formed all across the nation, each having their own ideas on how to help the people.

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        American investors were supply most of the money that financed the Canadian economy. So a downturn in that supply or their economy would directly preserve the Canadian government. Canadian bankers and business leaders predicted that international plow would reach new heights, so the people believed them. An of course to a greater extent money was being spent on stocks. Now people were buying stocks on margin, which meant that they paid a half(a) or third of the value, and would pay the...

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