Palestinian Liberation Organization.

Palestinian ignition Organization,


----This paper will provide an overview of the Palestinian Liberation Organization,

including its primeval history and its rise to prominence during the Intifada that began in 1987.

It will to a fault include a description of Yasser Arafats authorization to the leadership of the

PLO, a position that earned him the right to communicate for all Palestinians by virtue of the

peace framework signed by him and the former Israeli Prime Minister Yitsak Rabin in


Early History

----Growing Palestinian activism in the early part of the 1960s provided the impetus for

the convening of the first hint conference of Arab leaders in 1964 -- to plan a unified

response to

Israeli plans to turn some of the waters of the

Jordan River. This activism influenced the

decision, made at that conference, to create the

PLO. It also precipitated the slide of the Arab

states into the June 1967 war with Israel. In the

mid-1960s the Arab regimes were again haunted by

a impression they had not had to deal with since 1948:

a Palestinian nationalist movement that, in spite

of being divided into several underground groups,

could exert striking pressure on them by playing on

public opinion and inter-Arab pressures.

----During the early and middle 1960s

dissatisfaction with the Arab status quo fueled

the growth of Palestinian nationalist groups.

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successful was Fatah, headed by Yasser Arafat

(discussed below) which began military operations

against Israel on Jan. 1, 1965, with an attack on

the Israeli national water carrier project to

transfer water from the Jordan River to the south

of Israel. Although little more than pinpricks to

the Israelis, these attacks were powerful armed

propaganda in the Palestinians political

offensive to force the Arab regimes, particularly

Egypt under Gamal Abd al-Nasser, to practice what

they preached regarding...

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