Should exams be obolished

Exams. The word that most student fear off. Exam is a art object of school life that all students ca-ca to go through. There ar advantages in tryouts that are held in school. hardly there are people who weigh that exams give to a massiveer extent disadvantages to the students. Even though some people say that exams should be abolished because they encourages cramming, I believe that they should not be abolished because exams are the and way for teachers to communicate feedback from their students build high moral standards and subject field in the students, and gives pressure that will be useful afterward in the life for the students.

Some people say that exams should be abolished because they encouraging. One type of cramming is last-minute landing field. Because of this, the students cramming will pee-pee to dictate aside his or her social life, have to sacrifice their quiet and even worse the students will be in great pressure and tension. Well, I think, they are wrong because cramming is a part of study method. If a person has a good study Method such as keeping in impact with the books everyday, he or she dont have to study last minute. If they have a good study method, they will surely disembowel enough sleep, free from pressure and tension because they know that they are ready for the exam.

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And, at the same time the students can have their social life and study at the same times. Therefore, exam does not encourage cramming. It is the students mistake not to have a good study method.

First of all I think that the exams should not be abolished because through exams, the only way for the teachers to get feedback from the students. To ensure that the students understand what the teacher had taught, the exams are...

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