Youth Suicide In Canada

Scope of the problem

We watch all had days when nonentity seems to go right...when everything seems to go wrong. A bad mark on a test, a fight with your significant other, a hie ticket. For most of us though, we require over it and get on with our lives. Unfortunately, for some they be unable to get over it. They loss to escape from what is going on. And at that moment dying seems same the single way out.

Suicide is defined by the human being Health Organization as a deliberate hazard of self-harm taken with the expectation that it will be fatal.
In Canada self-annihilation is the second highest cause of death for youth aged 10-24. We have one of the worst adolescent suicide place in the world. On average 294 youths die from suicide in a year. These rates have tripled since 1970. For every completed suicide in that location are an estimated 30 50 attempts. Suicide affects 1 in 13 Canadians. These estimates are likely to be low because some(prenominal) suicides are not reported and a death is only certified as a suicide by health check and legal authorities when the victims intent is all the way proven. This is a huge problem that costs our health ashes over 3 billion dollars a year.
Suicide rates differ between males and females. Females attempt suicide twice as often as males, they account for 75% of the attempted suicides.

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Males are successful four times as often as females. Males use more violent means, guns, hanging, jumping from a height, plot of ground girls are more likely to overdose or cut.
An estimated 80% of all those who commit suicide give some ensample of their intentions or mention their feelings to a friend or a family member. It is important to be involved in a adolescents life, so that you can recognize when behaviour seems a little abnormal. While the reasons for suicide are complex and problematic to define, being a teenager brings more unique problems to this big age group.

Risk Factors

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