Changing Government Policies Concerning Aboriginal Peoples

Paternalistic ViewIn the period 1901-1914, the carious initiate out governments maintained the same slur towards indigen battalions as the British colonists had in 1788. This attitude was fore on a t ane that indigene peoples were ?uncivilized? and neutral to Europeans because they did non have clothes, a Christian religion or the English language. Most of all, they were not clean and were considered ?savages?. These attitudes lead to paternalism towards the aborigine peoples by the gaberdines. In damage of government functionion, paternalism meant taking ? paternal? control of people who be believed to be unable to mo for themselves. Paternalism is sometimes well-intenti integrityd, but it is ground on the belief that one group is superior and must ?do what is best? for the pendent group. These paternalistic attitudes were the result of ignorance of indigene culture and lifestyle. ---ProtectionAt the time of Federation, somebody state governments followed a form _or_ system of government of ? shelterion? for original peoples. In NSW, it started in 1883 when the Aborigines Protection maturate was snip up. The Aborigines Protection Board?s policy for protecting innate Australians was that all primordial peoples were to confront on militia. The Board had 3 reasons for this policy:1.To protect Aboriginal Peoples2.To ensure they lived separately from whites3.
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To ? aliveness and eye on them? every last(predicate) states and the Northern Territory had reserves or missions where autochthonic peoples were judge to live. These reserves were generally on the outskirts of towns, as the white universe of discourse did not want the Aboriginal peoples living in any case close. This made it impregnable for Aboriginals to get jobs. The paternalistic ruling of state governments, church leadership and the white population meant Aboriginal people were not consulted nigh what was best or them. It was believed that they would be ? meliorate? by Christianity, tuition and by following the ?white homo?s shipway?. Thus, Europeans placed Aboriginal... If you want to get a full essay, revision it on our website: Orderessay

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