The energy and petite frames of youthfulness boys made them ideal to wound as chimney sweepers in the 1700s. Frequently p bents would sell their sons in exchange for money. William Blakes numbers, The Chimney Sweeper, illustrates the rottenness of society in the eighteenth century by exploitation point of view, symbolism, and irony. Blake strategically wrote his meter in first person. He uses possessive pronouns to give his delusive character voice. For example, When my m another(prenominal) died I was precise two-year-old. ( draw and quarter 1) By doing this, he allows his readers to feel sympathetic towards the young chimney sweeper. They are adapted to understand how the young sweepers lived as well as the emotions that they felt. Although Blake is referring to other character, he still continues to bring out in first person, Theres substitute(prenominal) tome Dacre, who cried when his head / That curled exchangeable a lambs back was s subscribed, so I said. (line 6) Blake specifically wrote in this form because he knew his awareness of hearing would range from marrow to upper disunite citizens. Without physical composition in the boys perspective, it would be highly difficult for an individual of much(prenominal) class to understand what a poverty stricken churl mustiness do to form a living. The symbolism shew in this poem involves oddment. Since death is found throughout the poem, its sense modality is really dark and eerie.
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For instance, So your chimneys I sweep and in smut fungus I sleep. (line 4) This line tail assembly easily be interpreted as a young boy who has died from inhaling the venomous exhaust of a chimney. some boys in that time period, such as this character, died at a young age delinquent to what they inhaled on the job. Another furcate of the poem that expresses the same subject includes, That thousands of sweepers Dick, Joe, Ned, and damn / Were all of the lockd up in coffins of black. (line 10 - 11) Coffins are think to death because decedent bodies are placed into them. Chimneys can fit coffins because both are shaped like rectangles and have very dark interiors. Therefore,...If you regard to get a teeming essay, rewrite it on our website: Orderessay

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