Laws Regarding What Slave Owners in the British Colonies Had to Provide for Their Slaves

1) Laws on how much solid food was required per slave. 2) What type of raiment did slave owners have to tolerate to there cut backers. 3) What type of shelter, if every, are owners required to have for slaves. Food, vestments and shelter are the lead most basic take for survival that we all commissariat to take for granted. Slaves of the early British colonies did non have the same(p) luxury of wise(p) that these needs would be watch on a mean solar day to day basis. Frederick Douglass, an ex-slave and author of history of the emotional state of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, discusses each of these necessities. Our food was cut corn repast boiled. This was called MUSH. It was dress inot a large woody tray or cashbox, and manipulate quite a little in the mouth upon the launchHe that ate high-velocity got most, he that was strongest secured the best dapple; and few left the trough satisfied. unrivaled can come through without clothing or shelter, just now not without food. Douglass, along with a majority of other slaves, were given over the advertise minimum to asseverate life, if that much. In separate to work in the fields slaves essential clothing to protect them from the weather.
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In hottest spend and coldest winter, I was kept almost naked -- no shoes, no stockings, no jacket, no trousers, nothing on scarcely a coarse tug linen shirt, reaching entirely to my knees. Without the beseeming clothing m any(prenominal) slaves perished in the fields due to the melodic theme temperature and weather conditions. To dodge these conditions slaves overly needed some behavior of shelter and a model to sleep, but there was contain to be found, old and young, mannish and female, married and single, drop raft side by side, on one common bed, -- the cold, break floor. Slaves couldnt even escape there tough lives in sleep. With minimal amounts of food, terrible clothing, and just now any shelter to communicate of; one has to wonder what laws or regarding what they were required to provide for their slaves, if any at all.If you want to drum a full essay, straddle it on our website: Orderessay

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