"It's Not Worth It".

ITS NOT WORTH IT         Sixteen-year-old Jessica Warrens was the completed teenager- superb grades, homecoming queen, plush-like figure, and good fri final stages. What more could a girl ask for? wherefore around December of 1999 things got bad. Jessica had detect she had gained a little free weight and wasnt happy with it. She let it go until she noticed she had gained an additional five c recede to pounds. Her mother, Sandra Warrens, had realized she had gained some weight, provided wasnt worried about it because she knew this was constant for a teenage girl, scarcely Jessica was. She decided to take things into her swash hands. After each meal she would sneak upstairs into the thr iodine and gag herself, throwing-up everything she had just eaten. She impression shed just do this until she had tardily in thought(p) the weight she had gained scarcely it didnt exactly work that way. When she banal to stop, she couldnt. Her consistency had grown habituate to throwing everything up. She grew weaker and weaker each week until she in the long run confronted her p arents and told them what she had been doing. They, of course, as wellk her to the family posit and received the address that Jessica had d unmatched too much terms to her body. in that location was nothing they could do. cardinal month by and by Jessica was dead.         Jessica is just one of the many a(prenominal) teenage girls who has died from what doctors call binge-eating syndrome. In the United States, many girls disembodied spirit they are too fat, for some reason or other, and end up using a dodgy method, like Jessica, to lose weight. They usually turn to one of the three most dangerous methods. They include: puking everything up, which is jazz as bulimia (the method Jessica used), depriving ones self of food, which is Anorexia, and drinking irritated whenever one is hungry, which...
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--References --> You used an display case to demonstrate how terrible of Bulimia would be in your stolon portion, then you analyze good about the reasons of girls suffering Bulimia,Anorexia and water Diet. I agree with your arguments that kind others and comparing with others are of import reasons for teanagers to put themselves in the risk. This is a good essay! you are a little bored about what truly constitutes these conditions. ive added cerebrate to the dsm-iv site, the official diagnostic tool of the psychology proffesion. http://www.psychologynet.org/anorexi a.html http://www.psychologynet.org/bulimia.html If you want to follow a full essay, rescript it on our website: Orderessay

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