Insanity Defense

Insanity Defense Insanity Defense Does your aggroup feel this defendant is suitable to stand trial? wherefore or why non? With the entropy available, we feel that Dents is incapable of stand trial, for the following reasons: Dents appears to shoot an press (unhealthy relationship) with Opee, beginning at to the lowest degree 6 months ago Dents appeared to have got stalk Opee without her knowledge or accord (300 photos, some clandestine) in that compliance were unsent love letters, possibly indicating that she refused his romantic advances diary entries pre-dating 6 months, foreshadow obsessions with aliens, God, Armageddon and fulfilling his destiny, assumedly with Opee Repeatedly referred to himself as God Although toxicology reports show no trace of outlawed drugs at the time of arrest, ecstasy was see in victims apartment, consistent with items implant in defendants apartment (ecstasy, cocaine, and methamphetamine). It is undetermined at the time of the incident, whether or non illicit drugs played a role.
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Journal entries also indicate forethought to the murder (purchasing/using rope, rags and inquisition knife) Some considerate of unwashed relationship is apparent, as in that location is no force portal (she let him in) On arrest, Dents referred to constabulary as aliens and became agitated, ludicrous and combative. He showed no signs of remorse or acknowledgement of his actions. With his statements of I am God, Dents appears to justify his actions as excusable. jibe to Michigan law, it is a refutation to reprehensible prosecution that the defendant was licitly batty when he or she committed the criminal acts. The definition of legally irrational is that the defendant, as the result of psychological illness or meantime as defined by the Michigan kind health Code (MHC), lacks substantial contentedness either to jimmy the personality and quality or the legal injury of his or her conduct, or to line up his or her...If you want to lead off a skilful essay, come in it on our website: Orderessay

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