Compare and Contrast Egypt and Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt differs from Mesopotamia in numerous ways. Egypt had a centralized government, a government-run economy, built pyramids, and wrote hieroglyphics, but Mesopotamia split its land into city-states, had an economy with an cleave note class, built ziggurats, and wrote cuneiform. Despite their some(prenominal) differences, the two civilizations had some(prenominal) similarities. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia own slaves, mod in mathematics, worshipped to a greater extent than one god, and developed adjoining large rivers. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia had slaves at the bottom of their social structures. They kept prisoners of war as slaves to touch off with the peasants. As the two civilizations become more complicated, math was charter to record sales and make calculations for building. With the rising demand for counting, Egypt and Mesopotamia advance(a) in mathematics such as algebra and geometry. Worship was an sonorous part in both societies, and both Egypt and Mesopotamia had polytheistic religions. Egyptians and Mesopotamians called upon their gods and goddesses for admirer with their daily lives. Being civilizations with large populations, both Egypt and Mesopotamia established come near important rivers to ensure that there was enough water for crapulence and irrigation.
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Egypt had a centralized government, but Mesopotamia divided its land into city-states. A pharaoh with immense power ruled over Egypt, and passed laws, oversaw trade, direct armies, and had many an(prenominal) other responsibilities. Mesopotamian city-states each had their own politics and economy, and were ruled by past military leaders. While Egypts economy was order by its government, Mesopotamias economy had ! more of an independent telephone line class. Government control over Egypts economy may have been necessary because of the complicated irrigation along the Nile. Egypt built pyramids hump of limestone as tombs for its pharaohs, but Mesopotamia, not having access to building stones traverse Egypt did, used dry mud bricks to construct...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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