The Onion

A Search for Answers Monologue for an Onion speaks of how the peeling and chopping up of an onion plant subscribes a person cry. This is definitely something common and seldom questioned yet, this verse form gives a deeper meaning to this simple act. It reflects the severalise of concourse as eternal scavengers, looking for answers. It shows how we simply cannot be quelled in what we have and constantly look to notice much answers to questions that may lead nowhere. Cutting through the onion a simple action, yet this similarly serves as a symbolic representation. However, it is not altogether the act of slice the onion, which is a symbol, notwithstanding in any case the onion itself. Throughout the poem, the onion was described as organism pure onion and being covered with layers and layers of skin and having no heart to it. We can get by that the onion symbolizes the things that we pursuit for, any(prenominal) it may be. I say that this is the symbolism for o ur search because of the stemma wherein Kim states that we seek the onions heart, and the rouge to finding answers is in fact looking to the heart of the matter. Thus, the cutting of the onion exemplifies and symbolized our search for these answers, and sometimes, we seek for these answers even though there would be no answer to be found at all.
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In the annihilate it becomes a fruitless effort that in turn changes us, and that is what this poem tries to express. But it is not only is symbolism found, but also the paradox that the mankind is glimpsed through veils as Kim had said. At initiative glance, it looks as though this statement cannot be true because we see using our eyes, and it is rare that our vision is impaired. Howe! ver, upon reflection, I realized that we only see the world through several(predicate) filters media, government, biases, etc. We hold on up viewing the world though these filters, thus exhibit us only glimpses as Kim had stated. This now helps us to make sense as to wherefore we would constantly be distinct for answers to questions that are constantly elevated in our minds. Yet this...If you take to get a all-encompassing essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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