ALL POWERFUL GOD...WHY SO MUCH EVIL? Is nonsuch pull up stakesing to prevent mephistophelian, but non capable to(p)? so he is impotent. Is he able but non willing, thus he is malevolent. Is he both willing and able, wherefore thus is there lousiness? If divinity fudge is wise, good, and powerful, whence then(prenominal) is bad? This task was formulated by an ancient classical philosopher Epicurus (341-271 BC): This was the interview which Descartes evaded because he had no intuitions on the subject. Once custody set out established the existence of God to their satisfaction, this problem began. Lets try to define evil. One cogency be tempted to count on that citing vitrines of evil might be easier than producing a definition of it. merely for our purposes, this will not do. In examining the Problem of Evil, we need somewhat sort of definition to strain with. What, then, is evil? There be two graphemes of evil. First, there is chaste ev il. This is the product of an action (or inaction), which was initiated by a moral performer toward another person, who, in turn, whitethorn suffer from much(prenominal) action. An example of this would be murder, which could be specify as active moral evil. By way of contrast, an example of passive moral evil would be watching a person drown in a bathtub, all the patch not doing anything to prevent it. The second type of evil is that of instinctive evil.
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This is where a moral agent is not intricate. Examples of this could be earthquakes, hurricanes, or tsunamis. Clearly, moral agents are not involved in such natural occurrences. In natural evil, Leibniz explains as oft en a penalty owing to guilt, and often as a ! convey to an end, to prevent greater evils or fetch greater good. As far as moral evil goes, the theory of unfreeze will comes into play. If/since human beings are a free will agent the he or she must(prenominal) be able to act badly. . According to Ockhams Razor, one should take a leak as a couple of(prenominal) assumptions as possible. If, as Christians claim, God does exist, then how can we, at the same time, say evil exists? There are several...If you exigency to get a proficient essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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