Plato Essay

This essay attempts to contradict platos conclusion that democracy is a drab mannikin of government. This is based on his premis that democracy is a inning of government in which citizens grant fundamental social decisions. land noneworthy philosopher, Plato, concludes that Democracy is a bad stool of government, however, I leave attempt to disprove this based on the first reflect of his argument. Premiss 1 of Platos argument, supporting his conclusion, states that, democracy is a form of government in which fundamental societal decisions are overhear by the majority of citizens, and I will attempt to disprove this statement in this essay. If I am successful in proving that democracy is not a form of government in which fundamental societal decisions are made by the majority of citizens, hence this will render Platos conclusion false; that creative activity that democracy is a bad form of government. In an archetype democracy, every last(predicate) socie tal decisions should exploit for the wishes of the majority, however this is gener aloney not the case. at that place is one societal decision that is guaranteed to represent the wishes of the majority, and that is the election of a leader. Once the majority has made this sole societal decision, it is then up to the leader to make all subsequent decisions, whether or not the majority approve.
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This isnt necessarily a bad matter because as Platos second premiss states, the majority of citizens are not qualified to make fundamental societal decisions. So, essentially, in a democracy, the majority elects someone who is qualified to make these decisions, because they are not competent e nough to do so themselves. An example of th! is would be decisions related to the economic state of a society. If the majority were to make decisions on this matter, society would seize to bring in its dominion state. If you want to get a ample essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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