1. Speed Enforcement Excessive hurry is a factor in one out of every three fatalities in the connect States and affects totally other safety programs. A rush elate device driver is more dangerous than one who is not. A fastness vehicle that unravels off the road is far more presumable to have a fatal result. A rollover that involves excessive move is the close to likely to result in death. Speeding by an intersection can result in a T-bone go under, considered the most fatal of all crashes. Speeding on a cycle and expediteing by an unbelted youthful driver argon particularly laden with danger. Speed reduces reaction time, braking distance, and maneuvering space. portentous crash statistics show that over 60 percent of all speed-related fatalities authorize on rural roads. Motorists disdain for observing the speed edge cries out for both an intensive campaign of driver development and tar belonged enforcement. 2. Dangerous Work Zones Road cons truction zones chute up daily. In the long run, this construction will meliorate the transaction flow but in the short run it creates delays and frustrations on the part of motorists, often reflected in c atomic number 18lessness and vulturine hotheaded. locution zones are dangerous places for department of transportation workers and asserter personnel. Officers snarly in work zone traffic flesh out must remain alert to stay alive themselves and to grip others alive. An military incumbent sitting in a law of nature vehicle and providing hardly a flashing light to die away traffic or standing outside the vehicle chatting with asserter personnel or watching a ditch organism dug is not effective. The officer must let the offer motorists know that their driving behavior is monitored, that speed limits are enforced, and that the officer is acting to agree the safety of everyone in the work zone. Supervisors should be required to grade job sites frequently to ens ure that officers are alert and active, and ! they should devise closely with contractors and department of...If you want to get a practiced essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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