Organizational Behavior Concepts: General Electric

Every business has a piece of key characteristics or determine that make up an administrational culture which is unique to its business. organisational style examines ?the impact that individuals, groups, and structure thrust on behavior inwardly plaques for the purpose of applying such k directlyledge toward change an constitution?s effectiveness? (Robbins, 2005). The purpose of this research paper is to key out(a) and evaluate General galvanising?s (GE) organisational culture, organizational behavior, and customer service models. We will also uncover how lucky GE has been in implementing organizational behavior concepts in the positioning by side(p) three categories: (1) motivation, (2) group behavior, (3) organizational culture. General Electric has their organizational values posted right on their website. By doing so, they hurt provided written expectations to their employees regarding ethical behavior and integrity in the become environment. These values reflect the energy, spirit, and solid foundation of the guild, articulating a reciprocal code of organizational behavior. Also, GE?s frank set of management strategies is aimed at increasing innovation and improving productivity to make the company more competitive. GE?s organizational culture is considered one of high ethical standard in the corporate world. According to The Age of Ethics (KPMG, 2007) ?GE now has one of the best ethics compliance programs in humanity?, says Larry Ponemon, national director of Business Ethics work at KPMG?. General ElectricSince Thomas Edison started General Electric in 1876, the company has steadily grown into a tremendously sure-fire organization and one of the largest companies in the world. Several management and organizational strategies have been used through out the years in revise to attain the current status of the firm. When looking at an organization?s cultural appeal, one must send-off root what they are looking for; what appe als to me whitethorn or may non appeal to s! omeone else. There are a fewer categories within... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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