Leader venture Style 1. Introduction 1.1 Background 21st-century organizations atomic recite 18 different, and the tone of change is nonwithstanding faster. This has tending(p) rise to brisk ideas about where leaders need to honk their energies. Perhaps this meaning less mess and more connectivity (Esther and mike 2004). Today, organizations are in a continuous process of transformation. assortment became the norm of organizations not an exception. If organization is traveling on the boot out of success then its possible destinations are change management, espousal of sunrise(prenominal) technologies and phenomenon (Joachim and Ralf 2008). Today the key challenges are advancements in technology, pace of competition, globalization, constitute control and increasing efficiency regarding customers expectations. This means that organizations pass water system to continuously analyze and adjust with bleak changes to survive. Old tralatitious fixed respon sibilities and patterns are not workable now (Sarah and Steve). sound development is impacting the dividing line landscape by providing refreshing ship canal and opportunities to conduct business. In the last decade e-commerce has especially created new possibilities to change ways of doing businesses or create new business models. In such a changing milieu the fictional character of the leader is becoming vital (Ada 2006). at that place is no doubt in importance of e-commerce in this new era .It became the necessity of organizations and even competitive advantage. In progress future it will be difficult to survive without word meaning of e-commerce. If we analyze and observe the success stories of organizations and nations we will find that vision of future and identifying the new challenges are the key elements. This is responsibility of leadership. It is provoke to know what the difference betwixt successful leaders and frustrated leaders is and what makes the differ ence. 1.2 Rationale and substance of study! Organizations are in continues process of transformation. The reason is rapid changes in the technology....If you want to deliver a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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