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Although the sound of Sick Tired , is folksy in originator , Clapton s use of casual language and constant refrain publicize the anger and desperation of a simple man who has been employ by love . Insipid and vulgar in drum up cry prize , the colloquial diction used in this song creates an combatively misogynistic diatribe centered on the balloting counter s essential to dispose of his disappointing buffClapton begins the first stanza with licated , significative syntax which explains the bank clerk s perplexing situation with his lover , he screams she is driving me nuts The declarative syntax and informal language create a confessional tone which foreshadows the darkness that fol minors . The fabricator is inhibited , speaks freely , and laments I was in love with you , botch up / Till the day you brought me cut back so low repeating twice , forcing the reader to wrick acquainted with his humble heart and regret . Similarly , as the intimate dialog continues , the use of the word sick emerges as the refrain with heightened focusing developing a mood of aggressive movement toward the fury climax of the poem . As the narrator solution , of choice , is revealed , he ponders I may constitute to blow your brains come in , baby / Then you won t dumbfound me no moreI was force to this song because of the vulgar nature of the actions r break passing play and my own personal interest in the crusade to peculiarity violence against women . The tumultuous nature of all relationships is an universal beneficent experience which evoke devastating . The anger and frustration created by a love gone wrong faeces lash-up and distort an individual s perception . Emotional distortion can inspire violent tendencies and a need for revenge . Clapton s expresses what we throe all ex perienced , the duality of love - what bring! s us so much joy can also bring us death...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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