World Lit 2

Mitchell Porter October 27, 2011 IB ENGLISH WORLD LIT PAPER 2 IS THE CHARACTER OF MERSAULT IN CAMUS THE STRANGER A PLAUSIBLE CHARACTER- A MODERN DAY SOCIOPATH OR IS HE unprejudiced? WHAT DOES IT REALLY MEAN TO BE HUMAN? 1. INTRODUCTION I call for to examine whether the character of Meursault in The Stranger was well-founded with his operations or was what we call today in modern nightclub a sociopath? Did Camus address the following question: What does it in reality lowly to be human? 2. ALBERT CAMUS (1913-1960) Albert Camus was born on November 7, 1913 in Mondovi (now cognize as Drean) in French Algeria to a work score pied noirs (Algerians of French or other European descent) family his come Catharine Helen Lintes was a cleaning lady and his father Lucien Auguste Camus was an rude diddlysquat who served in the French Army during WWI and was killed in action at the Battle of The Marne when Albert was one years old. He fagged around of hi s childhood being raised by his go (who was deafen in one ear) who triald to get by and fork up for her child, he ended up being raised by his grandma as well, as a student he excelled in academics and athletics as he was considered a super adroit student and a fierce competitive suspensor as well. In 1923 at ten years of era he passed the Lycee entrance exam and was accepted into the University of Algiers majoring in philosophy with a huge interest in domain and sports, tho he had to drop out of University not broad afterwards due to a bout with tuberculosis (which he was struggle with for the rest of his life), however he would later surpass to his studies in 1930. After he graduated from the University of Algiers in 1934 he worked motley odd jobs as a writer for mush magazines and some(prenominal)(a) political leftist magazines he supported. He was also very politically aware at this time forming and joining several(prenominal) radical left groups that sought discover treatment and break-dance opport! unities for the Pied Noirs as well as...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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