Glory Essay                                                                                           The movie Glory took place during the polite War. Colonel Shaw, and Tripp were the devil main people. Tripp was a runaway slave enlisted in the army. Shaw was a co ward at war until the 54th mamma Regiment went to war.         Colonel Shaw was a coward when it came to war when they started he was a turncoat or he faked dead. He was the commander of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment. He started it by getting the blacks in the north as the soldiers.         He was a man who did not want to do the miry work he was the imperative officer and he was that because of his founding father a wealthy man. He told everyone but the higher ranks what to do. He told the men that if they wanted to snuff it t hey could.         Tripp was a runaway slave. He was involved and wanted to fight. He ran away from slavery so he was used to the work. Tripp was savagely flogged because he left to go and get a brace of boots because he feet were torn. When he came sustain he was flogged several times. He was hospitalized and had sever wounds. His slave senior pilot must have vitality it to him also because of his marks.         Shaw ended up fighting and died in the troth of Fort Wagner in sec Carolina. He went and died for freedom. Tripp fought in the affair. This was the graduation exercise major battle If you want to get a amply essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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