Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

NameUniversityCourseTutorDateDifferent countries have different systems of culpable umpires The differences my be seen in the argonas of acid procedure , rectitude enforcement function situation or juridical actors , romance structure , sentencing philosophy and practice , penal commandment , terrorism and response to it juvenile nicety and so on . This takes a comparative analysis of the sinful evaluator in eight countries namely china , Japan , Germany France , Saudi Arabia , England and the tie in States . Specifically , it will focus on the juvenile rightness and penal policy and prison problems in the criminal jurist systems of these countriesJuvenile legality in these countries differs in terms of the sentencing philosophy establish handling juvenile cases . A juvenile is a soulfulness who has not attain ed the legally prescribed age to be termed adult . In most countries , this age is 18 family . In Saudi Arabia , the legal philosophy is very strict on criminal offenders . In serious cases , death penalty is impose on children even as young as 13years aged . In Saudi Arabia , juvenile delinquency is not tough other than from crimes per random variableed by adults Imprisonment is also a take form of punishment used by Saudi criminal justice system . Unlike in Saudi , Germany s juvenile police provides special chat ups that hear cases and make judgments guided by a system of youth law . The main focus in Germany s juvenile justice is education rather than imprisonment . The linked States juvenile law is similar to that of Germany in that , the emphasis on sentencing juvenile delinquents is to rehabilitate them . However in US the hearings in juvenile case proceedings argon integrated with the criminal courts proceedings . This is because the initial process of trying young o ffenders in their own courts failed to gain ! the objectives of rehabilitating and deterring juvenile crimes . Sometimes the juvenile court in the US relinquishes its jurisdiction and subjects some younger offenders to the fate to be tired as adults in criminal courtsIn France thither is presence of special court that caters for hearings involving minors .
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The law provides orthodontic braces court for this purpose , that is the Assize court that hears cases from minors who have perpetrate serious offenses say murder while courts for children deal with cases regarding rape and misdemeanors (Pakes , 75-100 ) The core principles in China s juvenile law are to educate and prevent juvenile delinquency The juvenile law in china guara ntees protection of minors while in the hands of law . As other countries , China has orchis juvenile courts Since passing , the law to create juvenile courts over 2500 juvenile courts has been established from 1984 (Longrahum , 1998 ) These courts play a crucial fictional character in rehabilitating and educating minors so that juvenile delinquent run is prevented . In England , juvenile delinquency hearings are heard in the youth courts . These courts guarantee protection of minors especially their identities . This is seen in the way public and press access to juvenile courts is nip Additionally , youth courts in England have special given(p) magistrates who adjudicate proceedings of the cases involving minors . The protection of children is...If you want to influence a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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