How Do Personality Traits Play A Role In Determining Who We Like?

br 1How Do Personality Traits Play A somebodya In Determining Who We LikePeople be seen to have actions with each new(prenominal) everyday . It whitethorn involve verbal or non-verbal communication theory which makes up their companionable moveions . The response a soulfulness make in a certain interaction rivals or influences the thoughts , feelings and port of a nonher soul (Von Der Haar , 2005 ,. 1 . The physical condition , causal doer and activities of a nonher mortal work a clear extract to his answer to a conformation of situation . According to Rummel , he wrote that : The configuration of facial muscles and body postures ar vehicles conveying rejoicing , sadness , surprise and so on through the stray up of human emotions . Overt actions , values sh ard and norms ar meanings of the expectation of o pposite s acts and actions . To illustrate this , for instance when a flag-and-take arises and a participant is nodding , that means he is expecting to determine to a greater extent of the being discussedMore often than non , population choose the person or persons they motivation to interact with . But sometimes , as the situation demands it , they be oblige subconsciously to interact with strangers . This is because in that location are sociable interactions that are not regulated because , viridity but are not planned . Although in most cases , we interact to citizenry who we always see , we are not expected to suspend other people we do not actu all toldy realise But whoever the person may be , our need to interact lead let us face choices on whom to to desire with . As such , in that respect are factors relating to tactile property marks that we need to know in to understand other people s behavior . Behavior is an action or chemical reaction given by a per son spell facing a particular situation . ! A person s reaction is greatly affected by the environment nigh him . near people are known to have a common , unusual , acceptable and unacceptable behavior . whole these traits affect the impression of other people towards us .
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It lead give them idea on who we are and eventually will give them a hint on whether or not we are worthy to be with . Thus , our personality traits act upon our social interactions in life . 2Personality trait is a distinguishing qualities or characteristic of a person . It is a response to a variety of situations he was involved with . There are ii major(ip) facets of personality traits and these are the negat ive placement and the incontrovertible side . Being emotionally unstable , aloof and escape of scruples are negative personality traits . A person who is emotionally stable , open to any experience and having a nigh conscience displays a positive personality trait . These are the personalities that other people inadequacy to deal with . patently , no one will deal with a person who is not able to respond fairly with other people . consequently , a positive personality trait is a must(prenominal) in interacting with other people successfullyThe role of personality traits in determining who we like is very important . first of all , it will give us the idea on whom we should...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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