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Running Head : CHEMISTRY AND SOCIETYChemistry and Societyindicate your attain hereindicate the name of your professor hereindicate the academic institution here1 . What is the CAS Registry Number for anaesthetize67-66-3What another(prenominal) c completely does anaesthetise go byFormyl trichlorideMethane trichlorideMethyl trichlorideMethenyl trichlorideTCM , Freon 20 , R-20 , UN 1888Is chloroform inflammableYes [when mixed with other flammable nerves]Which of the following substances should not be mixed with chloroform (mark all that applywater acetone atomic number 11 metal __ sodium chloride __2 .What is the chemical name for boraxSodium Borate / Sodium Tetraborate /disodium tetraborate3 . Are acetone and 2-penta the same chemicalNo , only if they atomic number 18 relatively the same in terms of odour4 . How alcohol-sol uble is acetone in waterYes , it is miscible with water5 .
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What should we use to put come unwrap of the insistence a small force step to the fore caused by sodium metalBecause sodium metals are potentially flammable , it is important to exercise agitate in handling fires caused by these substances . Safety precautions to put egress fire from sodium metals include the use of fire fire extinguisher [nitrogen] . Common materials also such as back and dishonor could also be used to put out the tell fires9 . If someone accidentally drank about 100 milliliters (mL ) of ethene diol (the major ingredient in automotive antifreeze , what would happenThe perniciousness of the substance pra ctically leads to a serious damage of the o! pposite separate of the body starting with the nervous system , then...If you necessity to cut a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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