An essay that includes alot of greek contributions to modern western civilization.

classic Contributions to Modern Western Civilization Ancient Hellenic culture has influenced modern prevailing western shade from their discoveries and traditions during their Golden Age. Their philosophies, governance and values have helped confound our every day life. some(a) of the most with child(p)ly displayed direct of either time lived in Greece during the time. Their mathsematicss, art science politics, computer architecture, drama, medicine, principle and values have animate nowadayss everyday way of life. If it werent for their eternal strides towards a better tomorrow, civilization today might be less advanced.         A cumulation of their academic achievement math and science has trickled down from the generations and into westerly civilization today. Euclid, a mathematician, is instantaneously viewed as the most prominent mathematician of all time. He wrote a book called The Elements and put all of his discoveries and theories into it. A lot of the math and science that we use today was influenced by his theories and discoveries.         A globe named Hippocrates also solely influenced todays health check practices. His discoveries in medicine strain a long pertinacious imprint on todays doctors and practices. He was an extremely trustworthy doctor. He made an anathema stating that he would never give grownup medicine and always contact to cure a patient, non just get paid. right off when becoming a doctor, you must take the Hippocratic swearword, which was the oath that Hippocrates created.         Whenever you go to see a performance now, whether you know it or not, classical influence is involved. Greek drama and auditoriums are braggy influences.
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The three types of theaters that the Greeks had were Proscenium (like in todays Gershwin Theater), Thrust (like in more a(prenominal) of the concert halls seen today) and Arena (like todays sports arenas). The architecture of these stages and of a lot of arctic structures are direct influences of the... i messed up. i thought the deed of conveyance was the proportion where you put what the essay is about. commode you change your title? sorry awry(p) essay. the title of this is supposed to be: Greek contributions to modern western civilization If you penury to get a teeming essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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