The Legal Framework of the French to Administer the System of Slavery Within Their Caribbean Territories

HST214 A Survey Of Caribbean History tutorial Presentation Topic: Critic on the wholey quantify the legal modelling of the french to administer the administration of thr completely within their Caribbean territories * differentiate: Jailall Udan INTRODUCTION The  french colonial empire consisted of a set of territories away Europe that were under french run primarily from the seventeenth century. In the 19th and twentieth centuries, the colonial empire of France was the second-largest in the world behind the British imperium. France, in rivalry with Britain for supremacy, began to work colonies in North America, the Caribbean and India, followers the Spanish and Portuguese successes during the  sequence of Discovery. Some of these French colonies take: * Guadeloupe * Martinique * St. Kitts * saint Domingue * Grenada * Dominica * venerate Lucia * Saint Martin Upon establishing these colonies the French realized a take to administer the resources in order to maximize the exploitation of these colonies to compete with the British Empire and it was on this thought that business leader Louis xiv of France introduced the inscribe Noir (Black formula).
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The Code Noir (Black Code) The Code Noir was a declare passed by King Louis 14 of France in 1685, affecting all the French colonies, such as Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) that were involved in the lucre trade.  It essentially codified slavery, eliminating slaves rights and be them as property, made roman letters universality the only grateful religion and ordered by all Jews (defined as enemies of Christianity). The Codes sixty articles set the life, death, purchase, religion, and word of slaves by their master in all French colonies. It give tongue to that the slaves should be baptized and educated in the Catholic faith.  It verboten get the hang from making their slaves work on Sundays and religious holidays.  It essential that slaves be clothed and fed and taken care of when sick.  It prohibited slaves from owning...If you motivation to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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