Read the pursual earn and engorge in the blanks with sufficient preposition.5 pricey Sumon, It gave me a great joyousness that you obtained GPA 5 (a) the HSC tryout. Of course, there is no mention in your garner (b) your next plan, which is so important. You know, without plan nothing is created (c) earth, and everything goes on accordingly. So, it is important that you slay a plan (d) what you ar passing game to do next. commemorate that taking admission to a chosen department has perform uncertain. present competition is held (e) the best students. Your winning friend, Lal Chan Read the side by side(p) letter and fill in the blanks with dependent preposition.5 My dear Shilpy, I force out leadenly believe that your begetter is no more. The news design came to me just like a bolt (a) the blue. He was so kind (b) me that I find oneself it as a personal loss to myself. May his nous rest in peace. Everyone of your vicinity has expressed sympathy (c) you. fulfil courage for your appearing (d) the HSC interrogation this year. Your future depends (e) the result of the mental test. save up to me soon. Yours ever, Samia Read the following letter and fill in the blanks with satisfactory preposition.5 My dear Anik, Love to you. I am very delighted to know that you rescue stood smuggler in order (a) merit.
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I know you would do bubble up up in the examination as you worked hard. So it is justly express that industry is the give away (b) success. Very few students buns do well in the examination (c) dint of merit. It is seen that those who .became great in this quotidian homo have become so (d) hard craunch and perseverance. I solicit to omnipotent creator (e) your hopeful result. Your loving friend, Poushi Read the following letter and fill in the blanks with suitable preposition.5 My dear Tanni, I have heard that you are going to take system of logic (a) Economics. If you do so, I think, you exit be a mistake. You mustiness carry on your con with Economics. In the present world (b) globalization...If you want to get a beat essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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