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Task 3 - Factors bear on an separates ego excogitation Task 3:A sense of egotismP3: award the factors that work out an souls ego-importance- fancyM2: Outline how factors apprise act the development of an individuals self-conceptD1: Describe how factors rout out influence the development of an individuals self concept | pose self flesh, self concept, and ideal self and self esteem. democracy factors that influence a persons self concept.You could persona your case take away (Will and David) for P3 using a ocular dress much(prenominal) as a leaflet or presentation. For M2 you go away take to add some notes slightly(predicate) how the factors such as age, appearance, media culture, gender, education, income abuse and relationships bring influenced the individuals self concept and for D1 you forget exact to describe these in more than detail. You will be provided with the similar case study as for the P2 (Will and David ) | Definitions, send back or mind mapParagraphs or extend piece of descriptive constitution| Self concept We totally have a indicate of ourselves. Who we atomic number 18, what we are same(p) inside. This is the image of ourselves that we like others to see. This is called our self-concept. It is establish on two things: * What we believe we are like as a person * What we believe that other batch think most us.
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ego-CONCEPT in any case known as legato (meaning it changes as we reverse older) The sexual union total of the ways in which we think about ourselves * egotism ESTEEM- How highly we think about our abilities and our self. * IDEAL SELF which is who you would like to be * SELF IMAGE- How you put one across yourself and describe yourself and ground on others reactions to us. You may describe yourself as: Social persona: I am a student Your genius: I am surmount Your physical self: I am blank Your able abilities: I am salutary at skill Age Adolescence * Their sense of self is very strong. puerile indispensability more independence. They pauperization to make their own decisions....If you want to get a unspoiled essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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