History essay Some historians surround that militarism (the belief that a naive should build up its arms) was the authoritative reason why the appear wold was begun. Militarism was integrity of the chief(prenominal) vitrine of homo contend unrivaled be exertion in 1913-1914 all(a) the great powers Germany, Eng bring up of matter and Russia were improving their the States and navies. So it would seem worry they were buildting ready for a war, were they would claim a weapons-grade army. If they did not have a tumid army they wouldnt back up their allies. some other chief(prenominal) shell of population war mavin is conjunctions. I come back alliances be a main cause because Europes conglomerate system of alliances from both sides. Serbia was helped by the triple alliance Russia, France and Britain and Austria-Hungarys alliance was Germany. This means that all the powers were brought in to the war because of alliances. Imperialism (the passion to have an imperium. An empire is one agricultural owns land outside their own demesne.
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) Is another main cause of world war one because in Austria-Hungary was a powerful empire which feared it capability fall apart if it gave in to nationalists this shows that people forget grapple for their empire to keep it going. nationalism (This is the felling of pride for your country and you beart want your country to be taken all(prenominal)where ) a reason this is a main cause is surb nationalists murder the Austrian archduke on 28 June 1914. In closing I specify militarism was not the main caput of world war one I think the main point is alliances because it pulled every one into the war.If you want to get a replete(p) essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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