The Outcasts of Poker Flat

The Outcasts of fire hook tight In the Outcasts of poker game Flat there ar more themes that directly associate to themes in The Ministers Black Veil. The twain authors, though they had different styles and were makeup about different traditions associate themes much(prenominal) as how we judge other heap sooner we real know them, how in quantify of need passel veritable(a) up sacrifices, and how both is revealed at judgment. In The Outcasts of fire hook Flat all of the outcasts are judged based on their occupations or interests. The town discrete to disengage the town of all improper persons. Therefore the assort of outcasts was strained to sidetrack. The outcasts were actually unassailable people. Though they werent the approximately saintly, they were most in all probability still pause than some of the people that were not compel to leave. For example, Jim Oakhurst the gambler was forced to leave town because of the monstrous sums of specie he had taken from people gambling. It turns out incomparable of the people they ended up mendting snowed in with, tom turkey Simson, was one of the people he had previously gambled against. Mr. Oakhurst tardily beat tomcat because he was a bad gambler. Misjudged, Oakhurst was authentically a charitable man. He gave back the fortune that he had won from Simson and advised him to never gamble again.
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If the secret delegacy in Poker Flat had heard this story, the most likely would have reconsidered before devising forcing him to leave and never return. some other example of this is when Tom and Piney tack with the outcasts. They had no clue that the root word had been forced to leave Poker Flat because of their occupations and interests, but that didnt painful sensation them from camping with them. This shows that the outcasts were judged by a group of... If you want to get a in effect(p) essay, determine it on our website: Orderessay

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