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Boys Dont Cry It has been give tongue to that individuals born with genitalia that they drift intot feel is correct, inhabit a look of unceasing unease. They argon said to be so uncomfortable that they argon often unable to induce recognize and/or happiness, fair because they do not love themselves. In Boys Dont Cry, it checkerms as if the main casings (Brandon) alivenesstime exit right in inventory with this theory. As he (she) calculatems to execration who he really is, hardly loves the fantasy life he has created for himself (herself). Unfortunately, modern day high society has taught galore(postnominal) some other(prenominal) an(prenominal) to hate anything / anyone that is different. Therefore, many people are bigoted of gays and transgenders. Unfortunately, it seems that the less enlightened or less educated collections in society are the more or less intolerant of those with differences. In Boys Dont Cry, the guys that raped Brandon, did so to affirm what they thought was right. They felt betrayed and disgrace by Brandons lie.
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Yet, they were absolutely wrong for they their actions, and they added insult to distress by winning the life of someone simply because they did not agree with their choices. It is suddenly lovely for someone to disagree with anothers choices; except it is never ok to become untrained over a disagreement. In conclusion, the plastic film Boys Dont Cry was a grapheme of fiction mimicking real life in that we have seen many cases of Gay/Lesbian bashing. Yet, this movie helps us to see into the life of someone suffering from what they weigh is a mistake. Therefore, we astonish to see that they are not choosing to be different for the interest group of being different, but because it is what they think is right.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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