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Philosophy HUM 220 Research theme # 1 5/11/2011 Descartes argues that cognition (res cogitans) is non a somatic situation (res extensa). Explain if his argument is faultless and if so, why. When I look at my wide awake I do non just see a transmit in a box, I see a detailed face, a woody floor, white walls, pursed lips and closed eyeball. The speedy shows a gracious chair inside which looks like a box with quadruplet walls, the poop wall being our go steady of the inside. The human sharpen does non seem to be attached to a proboscis and the eyes are closed, which makes me animadvert it index be dead, or thinking. The head is placed on go across of the floor, the hair is sweep clog up and the lips are pursed. Looking at the prompt inspires me to think rough philosophical issues such as; is the dust a slave to the creative thinker? Or crimson more, are the ashes and the mind connected? This question led me on to revolve about on such conceit as mind and matter. I would like to take a look at the just about substantial philosopher Descartes to support this view.
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He believed that we are abruptly at sea to our bodies and that we stool subsist without it. harmonise to Descartes a body is an broaden thing, and that the mind is the thing that thinks, these ii different things can exist completely independently of for each one other. Descartes said that our assured mind and body are so mixed to welcomeher that they front as one whole, for caseful if we put our paw over a stove our thought would be to give up if it was turned on, or desirous so we would not hurt our bodies by leaning on it. If our thought did not arrest off for this... If you want to get a full essay, establish it on our website: Orderessay

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