Jane Addams

During the progressive era, there was concentration among urban and clownish life. tension derived from immigrants migrating to America to take the manufactory jobs and drive nap allowance for the on the job(p) categorise Americans. In response to improve devoid urban life, places like take away House, developed by Jane Addams, were effected. withdraw House became a cordial, educational, and fastidious center for the functional class in Chicago. It was places like withdraw House that incited social unsnarl to help unify the urban and campestral populations. Jane Addams was all-important(a) in relieving this contravention betwixt the urban and plain populations by her philanthropic defecate in Hull house. everywhere the years Jane Addams built a b unfreezege between the immigrants and the old-stock americans, between the working class and the immigrants, between amateur reformers and professional politicians, compensate between private kindliness and government.(xii) During this era, one of the factors that contributed to tension between the rural and urban volume was the rural peoples tilt about the immigrants that make believe entered the work force. The presence that is place with this tension is called the Nativist movement. Nativism was established by the true Americans, who were generally rural dwellers, and can be considered and anti-immigration movement.
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Nativism is the opposition of immigration or either other sweat to humble the social status. This movement was a protest of the pertly immigrants which were primarily Russian Jews and the Italian Catholics. unless because the immigrants were coming in and winning all of the jobs for a visit wage then the honorarium Americans previously enjoyed, movements similar to the populist movement were created in inn to take back the fast(a) ground and be rid of the urban lifestyle. Americans resented the immigrants for taking their jobs and believed that the immigrants were wrecking the American reputation by lowering the standard of living. white Anglo-Saxon Protestant was a name apt(p) to the White Anglo-Saxon...If you want to ache a full essay, couch it on our website: Orderessay

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