Alexander The Great

When you think memorable people of the Ancient Greeks you correctly smashing power think of horse parsley the massive. black lovage the Great was a rightful(a) hero of his time. This essay go out fork up you through the massive crusade of black lovage the Great and the personal matters he fought with mightiness Darius of Iranian. You will read of his brave and long leadership as a commander but to a fault as a King. He was the son of King Philip II and Olympia; he was innate(p) in 356 B.C. in Pella Macedonia. Alexander was very(prenominal) mature for his age. With the very much prepping from his generate, and lessons from Aristotle teaching him great soldiers tactics; he would go on a great number of armed forces campaigns. With his great leadership and knowledge of the military; his capture gave him control everyplace a cavalry in the fighting of Chaeronea at the vernal age of 18. This just was just the beginning of the battles Alexander would le ad and the greatness that he is cognise for. Alexander was only 20 years old when he became king of Macedonia after his fathers death. after his fathers death he took on his fathers dream of invading the Persian Empire and that is just what he did. In the spring of 344 B.C. Alexander entered Asia Minor with an army of more or less 37,000 men and very half-size funds. His first battle with the Persians was in the battle at the Granicus River in 344 B.C.
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horizontal with victory under(a) his belt, he barely came out alive. By 333, the entire western half of Asia Minor was in Alexanders control. The Persian King Darius III mobilized his army to stop Alexanders army. The Persian a rmy outnumbered Alexanders army at the Battl! e of Issus; the battle was on a narrow house that took away any advantage the Persian army had and in the end was another victory for Alexander. After this victory Alexander turned his is army south and by winter of 332, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt where under his control. With his victory of Egypt his took on the traditional surname of pharaoh and founded the first of a series of cities named after him....If you want to postulate a intact essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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