Of Mice And Men

How does John Steinbeck use language to  John introduced us to a component called Curleys married woman, she plays a complex and misfit timbre as she got so many different sides to her, as sometimes the perceiver feels kind-hearted and unsympathetic about her. John Steinbecks novel of Mice and Men is an copy of how the lectors perception of a character clear buoy diverge without the character actually changing. Steinbeck uses many different techniques to present Curleys wife much(prenominal) as colour imagery, appearance, metaphors and similes in the early stages of the novel. The effect of these techniques is that the reader creates a mental image of Curleys wife even to attempt with she even enters the novel. This perception is further emphasized by Curleys Wifes runner appearance in the novel. Steinbeck uses light symbolically to show that she can be imposing when he writes, The rectangle of sunshine in the scuttle was bed off. Steinbeck portrays her in a ho rrible manner; he shows her as unintelligent and unimportant figures. Curleys wife is a identify example of how Steinbeck presents women; she is the most prominent woman in the book, so there are more(prenominal) citations about her.
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Primarily, she isnt even give a name; she is just referred to as Curleys wife and this shows that Steinbeck doesnt sincerely phone that women are important, so they dont deserve a name. Her dreams were bust by marriage and her relatively young life cut trivial by her desire for human contact. Steinbeck has created a character for us to feel sympathetic towards. The first mention of Curleys wife was when dulcorate describes her to George in the bunk hou se. Candy gives us a substantive impression! that Curleys wife is flirtatious and even free young-bearing(prenominal) before we even meet her. As he says that shes flummox the eye which means instead of being cheeseparing to her husband. She tends to waitress for other male ranchers. But Curley, her husband does non recognize her as a person but more like a sexual object, Candy said that...If you regard to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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