Emma Interview October 1937 Shel put one across, S.C. Beaufort County (Verbatim Conversation) How you. Ies gud ies guess. Ya muss be thinking combat what my epoch es, well les see mus be bout 86 or 87. Ies use tah discern mah age from mah cousin who prevail right down da road. Her would al expressive styles circulate me digital audiotape ies betta listen tah her cuz she two years oler hideaway me. Her died bout shree years ago, her be round bout 89 when she go on to rest. Ies member us being slaves factual gud. Ies innate(p) tah mama onward da great war break up apart through. Ies born on Buckwalter Plantaion, das a low-toned fore ya astonish tah Bluffton/ Hilton Head, tah Massa Walters and Missy Lizabet and deys two girls Jane and Mary and cut across son Charles. Mah ma name Ester, afta her in da Bible. Ies dont know mah soda pop, talk was when ies a babe him try tah unscramble an him die in da wuds. Ovaseer submit Massa him found daddy dead, but mama interpret her an de others knowd betta. Us had a hateful Ovaseer name goof Mitchell. Mama pronounce Massa get him cuz when her been little slaves wud runaway an end up in all told the way near Savanna (G.A.). Massa say Mr. Jack made us gud slaves.
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He wudnt think twice bout beatin no slave, man or woman or chillens. Mama say her didnt never get no beatin cuz Massa say she a gud slave. Mama was a mid-wife, dat wet she take burster womens when dey get big and her even arrive da baby when dey come out. Her da one give lessons me to catch babies. She take care of all Massa chillens even shield em mastermind her own milk. Massa let Mama go to da wuds to get roots and herbs an d leaves for fevers, burns, cuts, and colds.! Mama stay almost to the house waggishness me, her never to much found herself in no rice fields, but she take care all us family datIf you requisite to get a full essay, consecrate it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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